I’m going to go through a list of your co-stars and you tell me what you think of them.

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my dream is to be called a motherfucker by samuel l jackson

the newest addition to my bucket list

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    “Tell me, Dr. Freeman, if you can. You have destroyed so much. What is it, exactly, that you have created? Can you name even one thing?
                    ———I thought not.”

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an important graph for everyone to see thank u


an important graph for everyone to see thank u

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Fetishizing ‘power’ in women characters – having them kicking ass and always being ready with a putdown - isn’t the same as writing them as human beings.

Jack Graham, in Stephen Moffat - A Case For The Prosecution, a guest post on Philip Sandifer’s blog (via linnealurks)

bigbardafree says the first thing I thought of when I saw this quote.

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Eh, Whedon isn’t perfect, especially in how he treats his cast sometimes, but his female characters are MUCH more human and nuanced than River Song or Amy Pond.  Watch Buffy or Firefly and then compare it to Seasons 5-8 of Doctor Who.  It’s not even the same league.

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Lol yeh, Whedon isn’t perfect, like they said, but don’t even compare him to Moffat, please. He’s an outright sexist, mysoginistic asshole who doesn’t even care that he portrays women as sexy moons which orbit men, Whedon at least tries and his writing is LIGHTYEARS ahead.

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